Three exciting years of university have come to an end and as I write this I am attempting to prepare myself to start a new chapter in my life of working as a freelance illustrator in the real world.
My last semester of university was arguably my most fulfilling period of my student career. I decided to use this time before my graduation to focus on developing my style of illustration alongside preparing for the area of illustration I wanted to specialise within. At this stage in my career I want to work in the editorial sector of illustration. For those of you who may not know, it is essentially illustration for the use within magazines and newspapers often used to add a little something “more” to a written article.
This area of illustration has a fast turnaround, meaning there is a regular supply of work for those who can keep up with the tight deadlines. This can make this area of illustration a struggle if you are not used to it, but this is where my last semester of university became so useful. Alongside developing my style and portfolio I made sure to give myself these tight deadlines to prepare myself for this future job (hopefully this prep pays off).
Train hard and illustrate easy I guess.
Over these next few months I will be needing to place all this practice into effect, alongside starting up and managing my very own business. Creating illustrations, managing finances, running promotions, contacting clients (hopefully clients contacting me too) as well as keeping on top of boring but very important legal stuff will be my day to day life from now. It’s all rather intimidating…
This new chapter of my life will be a major learning curve and I feel that these next few years will be when the “real” learning starts to take place (university was just the journey with stabilisers on).
With this in mind I feel like I should start documenting my journey from student to full time illustrator. Recording the challenges I face and how I overcome them. All this is in the hope that others, who wish to venture into the field of illustration, can have a bit of a head start.
At the moment I am thinking of just keeping this blog which ill add to as time goes on, but I am considering possibly upgrading to video blogs where I sit down and talk to a camera about my experiences, I feel that this would make these blogs a bit more personal don’t you think?
But hey, that’s an idea for the future.

Ill speak to ya in the next blog.

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