Hire Me
Hire Me – Commercial Projects
I always love to work with a range of clients to help bring their illustration needs to life. It is always really exciting to see a new possible project in my inbox!
To help with this commissioning process, I’ve made this little “Hire me” guide to give a detailed insight into each step of the hiring process.
Step 1 – The First Email
As you may expect, the first step of commissioning is dropping me an email to let me know that you’d like to work together on a new project!
This first email is often the most important for me as the illustrator as it will give me an insight into what your project is about. 
I’m often unable to give a price for my work straight away unless I know a few key details about your project.
When you commission an illustrator, you are purchasing the rights to use the created illustration for your business These rights come in the form of either a license or full copyright.
Licenses are the most popular type of rights and are often split into four parts, these are:
Usage – What the illustration will used for. (a magazine, tshirt, sticker etc)
Time – How long you as the client will be able to use the illustration. (3 months, 6 months, 1 year etc)
Territory – Where that commissioned illustration can be used and shown. (United Kingdom, United States, Internationally)
Exclusive/Non-Exclusive licence – This determines whether you want sole usage of the illustration for the time it is licensed to you or if you don’t mind myself as the illustrator also using the illustration from my own business purposes.
For a copyright, this is the purchasing of all rights for the illustration which means you as the client will own that image to use an exploit how you see fit. The selling of an illustrations copyright to a business, comes with a much higher fee than just purchasing a license.  This is because the illustrator loses any and all ownership of that developed image.  
The type of rights as well as the illustration project itself marry together to formulate the fee of each illustration.
To help make sure all key details of your project is covered in our first email together, please use my little questionnaire below to help make sure some of the key questions about your project are answered! 

Project Questionnaire for First Email
What is the project the illustration will be developed for? (a magazine article, product packaging etc)
What ideas do you already have for a possible illustration?
What illustration(s) from my portfolio do you like the style of?
How long do you want to licence the illustration for, or do you want full copyright?
Where do you want to show the illustration (UK, USA, Internationally)?
Would you like an exclusive or non-exclusive licence?
Do you have a budget for your commission?
Do you have a time schedule for when you want the illustration to be finished by?

Step 2 – Accepting the project
Once you have sent me our first email answering the questions from the above questionnaire. I can then decide if I wish to take on your commission or not.
At this point, I may also ask for further details about your project if I decide I need to know a little more before agreeing to the job.
Step 3 – Commissioner Agreement
Once I have accepted the project and all details about your project have been discussed, I will then create a commissioner agreement. The job of this agreement is to bring together all the agreed terms of the commission. Details such as the agreed illustration, licence type and fee will be included in this agreement for both parties to legally agree too.
Step 4 – Initial sketches
Once the commissioner agreement has been approved. I will then start to develop 3 initial rough sketches. These sketches will show 3 different ideas for your illustration. Once completed, these illustrations will be sent to you for approval. At this point you will choose your favourite illustration concept as well as state and changes to be made to the illustration for it to move onto the next stage!
Step 5 – Developed Sketch
Once an Initial sketch is approved, I will then develop a refined outline of your chosen illustration choice including any alterations states previously. This will then be sent over to you again so you can see more clearly what your chosen illustration design will look like in its refined form.
Step 6 – Developing the final Illustration
Once you are happy with your chosen sketch, I will then develop the final version in all its glory. Upon its competition the image will be sent to you as a high-resolution jpeg file.
If you have any further questions about the hiring process, please drop me an email and i'd be glad to answer any and all quires.